Our Offered Services

We create interior spaces that are visually captivating and aesthetically pleasing from gathering the client brief to deciding on a budget for the project and finalizing a timeframe for the entire process, this is seamlessly done at our in house studio. With our in-house expertise, we meticulously gather the client’s requirements and preferences, translating them into stunning design concepts.

Our dedicated team manages every aspect of the project, guaranteeing that the vision is executed flawlessly. From conceptualization to completion, we prioritize delivering visually stunning and harmonious interiors that exceed our client expectations. With our experienced design team and skilled contractors, we guarantee that every idea is meticulously executed to match the client’s vision.

Embarking on a journey of meticulous craftsmanship, we handcraft every element within your room. Our focus lies in accessorizing the space to infuse a personal touch and a deep sense of belonging. Each project is thoughtfully styled and adorned with bespoke accessories and breathtaking art pieces, ensuring a truly unique and captivating atmosphere. Experience the beauty of personalized design as we curate a space that reflects your individuality and elevates your surrounding.

Key Differentiators

Fusion of Cultures

Alchemy sets itself apart by skillfully combining Indian aesthetics and global appeal, resulting in visually captivating spaces that resonate with diverse audiences.

Design Excellence

Alchemy is renowned for its unwavering dedication to design excellence. Backed by a team of skilled architects and designers, Alchemy consistently exceeds client expectations with exceptional and innovative design solutions.


Embracing innovation and imagination to bring unique design concepts to life, pushing boundaries, and creating captivating and transformative outcomes.

Industry Experience

With a proven track record spanning over a decade, Alchemy excels in completing diverse projects in the hospitality, residential, and retail sectors, showcasing expertise, efficiency, and successful outcomes.

Vendor base

With a strong vendor base, Alchemy fosters collaborative and transparent relationships, working closely with vendors to achieve mutual success and maintain open communication throughout our operations.